Thank you to the readers who’ve been asking me when the book of this blog is coming out. And apologies to anyone who thought it was already available and engaged in fruitless searches on Amazon (other online bookstores are available…). I am finalising the manuscript right now and aiming to have the Kindle version published by February 2014. Around 20% of the book is now on this blog.

Buddhist books

My aim and ichinen is that this book will be as accessible as the best self-help / personal development books that I have loved and as profound as the best books on Nichiren Buddhism. Most of all I want it to be inspirational, encouraging and uplifting.

My prayer is that after reading it, people will achieve massive breakthroughs in their lives and communities because they feel more hopeful, courageous and powerful. For what I have realised from 28 years of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is that when the Buddha in you meets the Buddha in me, truly amazing stuff can happen. And that this is how we can start the ‘human revolution’ or the ‘revolution from the inside’ that the world needs now.

More details on the book here if you are interested.


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